Saeyang SM110 Hammer Handpiece

By Saeyang

A robust and powerful handpiece for jobs which require hammer action. The SM110 offers powerful operation and unrivalled torque to prevent stalling.

The SM110 Handpiece is fitted with a 3 Pin plug and compatible with:

  • Saeyang N7
  • Saeyang N2
  • Saeyang K35
  • Saeyang K35 Cube
  • Saeyang M3

All our and pieces come with tools to open and clean the end nozzle as well as spare brushes and 'holding burs'. They come with a one-year warranty direct with us. 

Made in Korea

Saeyang SM110 Hammer Handpiece - SM110 Hand Piece with Straight Lead and Tools is currently out of stock, stock is on order and any purchases will ship as soon as it is back in stock.