Modern & Intuitive

It's touch screen interface makes it super easy to use - only two buttons to start a sterilisation cycle.

Featuring paperless reporting system where all records are digitally archived.

Recycle water and save!

Start using Enbio Magic Filter and save time and
money on frequent trips to buy demineralized water.
With Enbio Magic Filter installed, you can run up to
1000 processes on just 1 liter of demineralized water.

Compact & Quick

Enbio sterilizers are up to 6 times smaller, 4 times faster
and 3 times lighter than a typical class-B autoclave.

As low at 8 minutes per cycle, Enbio is quick and convenient.

Enbio S Beauty Edition

A unique and stylish design on the familiar Enbio S.

With rapid unwrapped and wrapped cycles to suit a busy salon.

Enbio S

Enbio S is an ideal solution as a workhorse in a small
practice. Superfast sterilization to get through many instruments in a rapid time. It's sleek design will look the part in any Salon or Clinic.

Enbio Pro

Enbio Pro offers the same small footprint as the Enbio S but with a larger capcity. Still boasting fast cycles at as low as 9 minutes per set. Sterilise even more instruments without compromising on speed or aesthetics.