Breathe Easy with Zephyros Dust Collector

Meet Zephyros, your solution for a cleaner, healthier space.

Zephyros' downdraft technology captures nail dust at the source, keeping the air clean. It's advanced pre-filter traps dust, ensuring a tidy workspace with easy disposal. Zephyros blends seamlessly into your salon's design and is a hassle-free installation to transform your salon today.


The tried and tested Zephyros Dust Collector.

This is the desk top unit which is quick and easy to install. Simply plug it in and go!

The collector uses a powerful fan to create a low air pressure above the large air vents. By placing a microfibre filter paper on top of this air vent the dust is drawn to the filter and can be easily disposed of afterwards.


Enjoy the benefits of a clean and dust-free nail salon environment anywhere you need it. With the same powerful downdraft technology and efficient pre-filter as our traditional model, the battery-powered Zephyros offers flexibility and convenience without compromising on performance.

Table Insert

This sleek and stylish version of our dust collector is designed to seamlessly blend into your workspace. With the same exceptional downdraft technology and efficient pre-filter, this discreet integration ensures that you maintain a clean environment without sacrificing your salon's aesthetic.


Keeping your Zephyros operating at its peak performance is a breeze with the easy-to-replace filters. Enabling hassle-free dust disposal and ensuring that your Zephyros continues to capture and contain nail dust effectively. Simply place the filter on top of the grill to capture airbourne dust.

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