Saeyang M300 E-Fitting Autoclavable Handpiece

By Saeyang

A practical, autoclavable handpiece for use in a large number of applications. Popular with foot-health practitioners and chiropodists where cleanliness is paramount - the motor offers great power and reliability. The ES6 e-fitting end can be removed and sterilised through use of an autoclave. 

The M300-ES6 Handpiece is fitted with a DC barrel plug and is compatible with:

  • Saeyang K38
  • Saeyang Mini-Cro
  • Saeyang Combi Portable

Device is available as a whole unit, or as separate parts. Whole handpiece is available on this listing. Replacement motor section (Rear of handpiece with cable attached) is also available. Replacement front end locking sections are available here.

    Hand Piece