Ollo 'Purple' - Sanding Bands - Long Lasting

By Ollo

This sanding band has been specially designed for 'Ollo' to be used under high pressure and a high grinding force to prevent any clogging or blockages. The material is naturally anti static which helps prevent clogging. The abraisive is a mix of both aluminium oxide and USA Norton ceramic which helps keep the sanding band cool in use. The ceramic also brings self sharpening properties, as the band is in use the ceramic grains shatter leaving new sharp edges to maintain a sharp edge for longer.

It has a stable composition and does not cross-contaminate easily. In our testing these bands lasted up to 3 times longer than standard Aluminium Oxide bands.

All our sanding bands can be recycled in your standard paper/cardboard bin either at home or commercially.

Come in a reusable branded box of 100 bands.

Available in Fine (#180), Medium (#150) and Coarse (#80) grits.