Nail Thoughts x Kokoist Colour Gel - Lazy Day

By Kokoist

Lazy Day is a rich periwinkle blue gel nail colour. This specific periwinkle leans more on the blue end of the spectrum as opposed to the purple end. This colour is so happy that it feels like the sun hitting your face while you look up at the sky, or laying on the couch playing a cute cozy video game with not a care in the world. Whatever it feels like to you, I hope it inspired a wonderful Lazy Day for you.

All of these gels are PURE gel, not a gel polish. These gel colours have no nail polish solvent present, which means:


  • They have no odour.
  • They last longer on yours and your clients nails.
  • Higher pigment level means a great one-coat pay off, and less wasting product.
  • They won’t dry up on you.

     Cure in LED for 30 seconds and UV for 60 seconds. 

    10g / 0.34 fl oz


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      Product Information

      Kokoist is a premium Gel Product for use by trained nail professionals only. This product is not intended for home use.


      This product contains 10-15% HEMA-2

      Safety Data Sheets