Nail Thoughts x Kokoist Colour Gel - Comfort Show NT75

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By Kokoist

This gel colour is a warm toned milky lavender colour. If applied thin, it's sheer and milky, but two coats will give you full coverage. Think of this colour as a milky and softer version of No, Yeah.

Nail Thoughts gels are PURE gel, not a gel polish. These gel colours have no nail polish solvent present, which means:

  • They have no odour.
  • They last longer on yours and your clients nails.
  • Higher pigment level means a great one-coat pay off, and less wasting product.
  • They won’t dry up on you.

Cure in LED for 30 seconds and UV for 60 seconds.

 10g / 0.34 fl oz

    Shipping Restrictions

    Due to customs and carrier restrictions, Kokoist may only be able to be shipped internationally by road services. This may result in slower delivery times.

    Please also be vigilant and ensure customs emails or letters are not missed. Customs will be due on international orders of Kokoist.

    Ingredients & SDS

    This product contains HEMA-2.
    For further information on ingredients for this product feel free to reach out.

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