Kokoist Le Blanc LED & UV Cordless Lamp

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By Kokoist

Spec and Directions
  • Up to 2 hr of performance on Low Heat Mode (other: up to 140-150min.)
  • Cures LED and UV Gels without switching modes
  • Automatic motion sensor activation
  • Digital timer screen
  • Removable bottom tray with retractable legs
  • Charges fully in 6hr - 7hr
  • No battery or bulb replacements required
  • Blinks on Low Heat Mode to effectively minimize heat spikes


  • Do not expose bulbs to solvents.
  • For optical safety, avoid looking directly
  • into the light while in use.
  • Warranty is effective only if the product is operated in the country which the product is purchased.

        More Information

        Technical Information

        Power consumption: 36W

        Body size: W210 x H95 x D210 (mm)

        Wavelength: 365nm 27P 405nm x 54P

        Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz

        Warranty Details

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