Kokoist Intro Kit

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By Kokoist

Kokoist is a premiere line of Japanese soak-off gel created and formulated by the world renowned JNA certified professional nail artist Koko Kashiwagi. Kokoist gel provides colours that go on evenly, are smooth, and do not feather or bleed during application.

The Intro Kit includes: 

Ultra Glossy Non-Wipe Top Coat: 

Our No. 1 Best Seller for reason! Get an everlasting shine and non-tacky finish with the Ultra Glossy Top Coat. Soft gel formula that works well with any material.

Mega Stick Base Coat 4g:

Mega Stick Base is the perfect starter base. A soft gel base with the highest adhesion for a long-lasting manicure. Best suited for short length nails. This base can be used for overlays, as well as layered with other bases for more strength. 

Colour Gels:

  • E-3 Rouge Red: A true red fit for a classic red manicure.
  • E-56 Bluey White: A crisp white perfect for fine lines and French tips.
  • E-148 Blackest Black: A one-coat, true black for detailed art that will never be streaky.
  • E-173 Peanut Butter Toffee: A universally flattering nude shade, use on its own or as a base for nail art. 

Handcrafted KOKOIST Art Brushes:

  • Round Brush: A brush that makes for a clean cuticle line application with potted gels every single time.
  • Thin Liner Brush: Our thinnest liner for the most intricate details and fine lines.


  • Diamond Brown Washable File 120/120: Great for fast removal due to its rough and hard surface.
  • Moon Green Washable File 150/150: Great for removing uneven surfaces and edges.
  • Emery Board 180/180: Used to quickly and easily file the natural nail without damage.
  • Diamond Wood File 180/240: Great for filing straight, as it will not bend. Can be used on natural nails and gel.
  • Sponge Buffer 100/180: Gently prepares the nail for gel application by removing the shine and ridges without damaging the nail.

    Please note a UV/LED lamp is required to cure this product. No lamp is included in this starter kit.

    Shipping Restrictions

    Due to customs and carrier restrictions, Kokoist may only be able to be shipped internationally by road services. This may result in slower delivery times.

    Please also be vigilant and ensure customs emails or letters are not missed. Customs will be due on international orders of Kokoist.

    Ingredients & SDS

    This product contains HEMA-2.
    For further information on ingredients for this product feel free to reach out.

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