Kokoist Gelip Nail Tips - Coffin Extra Long

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By Kokoist

Kokoist Gelip is specially formulated to provide you with a comfortable lightweight and nail enhancement in a fast and easy to use format.

The style pack is a handy storage container which comes with 30 tips of each size.

The refill packs contain 30 tips of their specific size.

The tester kit comes with 1 tip of each size.



Size 0 - 0.8mm x 3.2 mm

Size 1 - 0.7mm x 3.1mm

Size 2 - 1.1mm x 3.1mm

Size 3 - 1.0mm x 3.0mm

Size 4 - 1.0mm x 2.95mm

Size 5 - 0.9mm x 2.8mm

Size 6 - 0.9mm x 2.7mm

Size 7 - 0.9mm x 2.68mm

Size 8 - 0.75mm x 2.68mm

Size 9 - 0.7mm x 2.5mm