Kokoist Dramatic Magnet - Dramatic Ocean DR-05

By Kokoist

The Dramatic Magnet Collection creates ultra-fine magnetic particles that produce multiple layers of brilliant and translucent tones.

Use a magnet stick to inspire your own designs with activated magnetic particles!

Curing Time: LED : 30s / UV: 60s

Size of Bottle: 10ml

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    Product Information

    Kokoist is a premium Gel Product for use by trained nail professionals only. This product is not intended for home use.


    BisHEMA (poly(1,4-butanediol)-14/IPD) copolymer, HEMA, cellulose, trimethylbenzoyldiphenylphosphine oxide, hydroxycyclohexylphenyketone, hydroxypropyl methacrylate, silica, (earth) oxidation Titanium, iron oxide, iron oxide, chromium hydroxide, manganese violet, red

    201201 Mica, tin oxide, synthetic fluorophlogopite

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