Hadewe SB-X40 Plus Dust Extraction Drill

By Hadewe

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This is the brand new successor of the classic SB series. To meet market demands this drill has been giving a revamp of the older SB drills with a new high speed of 40,000 rpm. The device has the new UKCA mark and comes with all the trusty features of a classic Hadewe:

  • Power Clamping Lock System
  • Wipe Clean Membrane Keyboard
  • 40,000 rpm
  • High Torque
  • Padded Dust Extraction Motor
  • 3.8kg
  • 64db (A)
  • Brushless Handpiece

This drill includes some brown paper dust bags and tools for cleaning the end of the handpiece out. 

TAFS is the verified UK repair centre for Hadewe and deals with warranty and non-warranty repairs since the UK left the EU. 


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