Enbio Beauty Steriliser

£1,200.00 £1,695.00
By Enbio

This listing is for a refurbished White Enbio Beauty unit. It is in very good condition with no obvious marks. This is an ex display unit kept in our offices. PLEASE CHECK PHOTOS BEFORE PURCHASING.

Refurbished units come with 6 months UK warranty.

This state of the art autoclave can sterilise your instruments in a super quick time (7 minutes). It's small scale design mean it won't be an issue finding a home for it and its quiet running noise it won't be a burden on your customers.

Reports are automatically saved on to an inserted USB stick and get sterilising in two easy steps!

Class B Medical Device with Certification

Technical data

Power supply
Max. power consumption
Operating pressure
Max. pressure
Max. processing temperature
Processing compartment capacity
Processing compartment dimensions
External dimensions
Protection class
Type of data archiving

15 A
2,1 Bar
2,3 Bar
15 kg
292 x 192 x 45mm
561 x 252 x 162mm
USB disk

PLEASE NOTE - This is a steriliser and should not be used for cleaning tools. Tools and instruments should always be cleaned thoroughly prior to sterilising.

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