Here at TAFS we have recently celebrated the 5 year anniversary of our partnership with SM to supply the Zephyros dust collector to the UK!

We wanted to explore the Zephyros products you know and love in a little more detail and also share a little bit of the story of how it all came about!

Here's a little note about how things came to be from the CEO of TAFS, Tom.

It’s been 5 years since a DM landed in our Instagram inbox from a Korean company called ‘SM’. I am usually very dubious about cold DM’s sent from random manufacturers but this product intrigued me as it was one of the first I’d seen on the market. A dust collector perfect for beauty. The design look great, it was modern, stylish, ergonomic and if it performed as well as it looked we had every reason to be excited. I eagerly replied and had a response within minutes from a polite man called Charles who had been building his brand for the past 2 years, all centred proudly around his Korean dust collector.


The next step was to get a sample, which promptly arrived alongside a packet of biscuits for the staff! The testing was done over a period of 3 months in various salons and nail bars in West Yorkshire. The feedback was terrific with very little complaint on performance. The only requests were some more colours other than silver. We ordered our first batch in April 2018 and have not looked back since. 

In the 5 years that we’ve been supplying Zephros dust collectors into the UK things have certainly progressed! We now have 3 different colours, battery versions, in built desk models, fume filters and many happy customers all over the world!

We are very proud to have the Zephyros brand as part of the TAFS family and we look forward to many more years of partnership.


Dust collectors weren't quite so popular 5 years ago but we knew even back then that a good dust collector would be a brilliant addition to a nail salon set up. We really wanted to back a product that we believed in though so we needed to find a dust collector that was perfect for us. Zephyros was just that and has been one of our flagship products since its arrival here, we've always loved everything about it and we have built a great relationship with company that supply them.

From the very beginning, they have been the driving force behind our clean space solutions, ensuring a healthier and safer environment for our operations. Their top-notch expertise, exceptional quality, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made them one of our very favourite partnerships!



We were already very happy with the product but SM have never slowed down with their efforts to improve. The standard filters have been redesigned for improved performance, you may even remember the blue filters from before. A carbon filter solution was developed to allow a degree of fume control to be included without the need of a new device, just simply add the carbon filter below the grill on your current Zephyros. Gold colour options were introduced to allow more freedom to get the right dust collector for you salon. A rechargeable version was released for those needing a Zephyros on the move. SM have been doing a wonderful job making sure Zephyros is the complete dust collector and I'm sure there's even more to come around the corner too!

With more and more regulations coming into the beauty industry we believe it won't be too long until dust management, fume extraction and sterilisation will be standard procedure. Coming from a podiatry background we take these things quite seriously and we wouldn't want to put our TAFS stamp of approval on any old device. We are endeavouring to provide the best options for anyone interested in exploring these products now and in the future when these may be a little more mandatory. Zephyros is our dust collector of choice and with good reason, we have 1000s of happy Zephyros users across the world!

We know many of you will already have a Zephyros on/in your desk right now but for those interested we do have the full range in stock so feel free to click HERE to take a further look!