Introducing the Saeyang K35 Mini!

We are super excited to bring you the latest Saeyang E-File available in the UK. The K35 Mini is the smallest and lightest mains powered device we offer without sacrificing performance. We know how important it is for your tools to be the absolute best and we are certain the K35 Mini is going to seriously live up to expectation!

Compact Yet Powerful:

The Saeyang K35 Mini may be small in size, but it packs a punch when it comes to performance. This compact version has been carefully designed to meet the needs of beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike all whilst being 20mm shorter and over half the weight of the K35. With the Mini you can expect the same RPM with very similar performance to it's larger counterpart!

Competitive Pricing:

At TAFS, we believe that high-quality beauty tools should be accessible to everyone. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the Saeyang K35 Mini at an incredibly competitive price of just £195, including VAT. We want to empower beauty professionals and enthusiasts to achieve flawless results without breaking the bank. Additionally, with our free next day shipping on orders over £100 you will receive your K35 Mini as soon as possible!

Differences and Compatibility:

While the Saeyang K35 Mini shares many features with the K35, we would like to note a few differences. It does not support compatibility with the variable foot pedal, the On-Off pedal does still work though. At the moment the Mini is only available in one colour, Silver, so if you were wanting something a little different I'm afraid that isn't yet in the works. The larger K35 does have a little more power too so if you are really working the unit hard the Mini may eventually struggle however this really shouldn't be effected by the workload of a nail salon or hobbyist.

Goodbye to an Old Friend:

With this new addition we felt that the K35 Cube no longer holds the same place it used to. It has served us and many of you well for many years now but the Mini comes in at a very similar price whilst offering improved features. Most importantly the Cube lacks the Overload Safety technology that the Mini and other Saeyang devices have as standard. This feature means that you can feel much more at ease that the device will protect itself from user error when flipping switches and powering the unit on/off. More protection and less faults resulting in longer life spans for your tools, that's a big win!

We will still support the Cube regarding repairs, warranty and peripherals so if you are a Cube user don't worry, we're still looking after you for as long as you need it!

If you're seeking a compact and reliable electronic nail file that doesn't compromise on performance, the Saeyang K35 Mini is the perfect solution for you. Its powerful motor, sleek design, and affordable price make it a fantastic new option for beauty professionals and nail enthusiasts alike. 

The K35 Mini has launched and is available right HERE!


Note: Prices and availability are correct as of the date of this blog post. Please refer to the product page on the website for up to date information.