We hope all our customers are coping through this difficult time. We have been keeping a keen eye on the situation over the past weeks we want to give you all an update on what measures we will be taking as a company.

TAFS will be operating on skeleton staff for the foreseeable future. As long as we are physically able, we will be fulfilling all orders through our website and taking deliveries as normal. Taking extra hygiene measures every step of the way, such as disinfecting all inbound parcels and wearing gloves/masks at all times.

Our messaging channels (Facebook, IG) and emails will all still be available and monitored by members of staff working from home. Our repair service will still operate - but on greatly reduced hours, with those colleagues opting to work weekends when no-one else is in the building. As such, please be patient as your repairs could take longer than they usually would.

Keeping our colleagues (and in a lot of our cases that means family) safe is our top priority. As such even outside of work we will be socially distancing ourselves as we believe this is the best thing for us to do.

Situations such as these will be difficult for all – we know a lot of our customers are self-employed or work as a small business, as such may we refer you to the links below where relief may be available to allow you to take a pause in business for the safety of yourselves and your customers.



We wish you all the very best of health for the near future both in business and personally. Wash your hands, sanitise where possible and social isolation are the best tools we have at our disposal to help curb the effects of this global issue. Thank you all for your continued support from everyone at TAFS ❤️