In 2022 Hadewe drills will be a lot different. They may look the same but the old stalwarts like the SB12 and SB22 are being phased out for a whole new range of drills. 


There is a couple of reasons but the main one is Brexit. After leaving the EU it is now harder than ever for Hadewe to easily cross promote the same drills as the EU market inside the UK. So they have specifically designed a new range just for us, which in our opinion is brilliant.


You can order diretly from us right now HERE. We are the UK Hadewe service and repair centre so you are buying from the best possible place should anything go wrong (in our opinion of course!).


We are taking orders right away for delivery in the New Year.

What are the models?

The trusty SB12 and SB22 are being replaced with the SB-X40 PlusThis is virtually the same drill BUT with a big difference, SPEED, yes the new SB now has a maximum speed of 40,000 rpm and the price range is still the same. They have also brought back the Chrome hand piece option in this range called the SB-X40 Chrome
The soundless Veloria is being replaced with the BX-Premium Plus which is pretty much the same as the former with its super silent suction motor and super speedy brushless hand piece. This too is also now avaiable with the circular suction of the Chrome hand piece called the BX-Premium Chrome (they really do have an imagination over in Germany dont they - ha).

What about the wet drills, the sprayers?

Well there is only going to be one avaiable which in our opinion is the best way to go for these. It is not going to be the SPR4 now it is going to be called, you guessed it, the Spray Unit Basic and will have all the hallmarks of its predecessor except with an optional LED light for you to add at check out.
More information on these drills can be found on the clickable titles above but should you need any more help then please do not hesitate to get in touch.