The following terms and conditions apply between any content creator (Creator) and TAFS Products LTD (Client)


The client (TAFS Products LTD) reserves the right to refuse any content submitted. Submission of content does not guarantee a pay out. Submitted content will only be stored by the client if the submission is successful.

Base requirements of a submission are as follows:

  • A minimum of 30 seconds of video displaying the product in action. 
    • This must include at least 10 seconds of video highlighting a specific product (or range of products)
    • At least 10 seconds of the 'finished product'
  • Minimum of one still image
    • Ideally we would like well shot images of the product in your workspace. We would also appreciate images of the finished product that our device or product has been used to create.

As an example of a successful submission the content could be as follows:

Product: Kokoist Nail Thoughts Peach Base

An introduction showing the Kokoist Nail Thoughts Peach Base bottle directly to the camera. Video applying the Kokoist Nail Thoughts Peach Base to the nail. A clip of the cured product shown directly to camera. 10 seconds of video applying a Kokoist colour coat on top of the base. 10 seconds of video showing the complete set of nails to camera.

It is not required for videos to be edited. We expect to receive raw clips from the camera with no editing applied. Submitted videos should have little to no personality and branding applied.

Products sold by the client should be clearly highlighted toward the camera in the content. The client understands that use of other products is often necessary, but content consistently displaying products and or logos of brands not sold by the client may result in an unsuccessful submission.

It is expected that the creator owns the product they are creating content of. The Client may try encourage specific content by providing products to the creator free of charge, however this should not be expected.


All files submitted to TAFS Products Ltd are submitted under a Creative Commons CC BY licence, unless stated otherwise and agreed upon by both parties. This licence the Client to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The licence allows for commercial use. 

Attribution shall be given to the Creator through links back to the Creators social pages. It is up to the Creator to provide valid, and up to date handles for their social media platform of choice. 

Failure to submit a social handle alongside your content will result in the Licence applied to the content being Creative Commons CC0 (Public Domain) where content submitted is open to distribution, remixing, adaptation, and build upon the material in any medium or format, with no conditions.

At any point the Creator can request that their content is removed from our content database to prevent future use of the content. Historic use of the content shall not be affected. 

The client fully expects the creator to use this content in their own work and online presence. The creator always retains the licence to their content. 


Payment will be granted at the end of the working month that your content was submitted during. The choice between store credit and cash payment must be decided on submission of content. Store credit will be added to a gift card code which can be used on any purchase (other than further gift cards) on

The payment amount shall be granted as £20 as store credit OR £15 as cash. This payment will be granted only once on successful content submission. We shall not pay out for repeat submissions of the same content.