Join Our Content Creator Scheme

We're looking for some content creators who can make high quality videos and images of our products in use. We're starting off with Kokoist but are hoping to expand the scheme to our other brands and items.

For each successful submission we'll grant your choice of a £15 cash payment, or £20 store credit! Perfect as a little additional income for a busy nail tech. 

What makes up a submission?

We would like some well lit, vertically filmed, video content. A couple of images of the product in use and images of the 'finished product' - such as a finished set of nails. 

A submission would require:

  • A minimum of 30 seconds of video displaying the product in action. 
    • This must include at least 10 seconds of video showing a specific product (or range of products)
    • At least 10 seconds of the 'finished product'
  • Minimum of one still image
    • Ideally we would like well shot images of the product in your workspace. We would also appreciate images of the finished product that our device or product has been used to create.

We're not expecting any editing or post production. Just raw video files and images for us to use across socials and as product photographs. 

If we receive content which does not meet the above requirements we may ask you to either alter the content, or we may refuse the content. Only accepted and useable content will be paid out. 

Where would these be used?

As we're not nail techs ourselves we find it difficult to make content to show off our great products. As such these submissions would be used to make online social content alongside use in advertisements, on the website - or even printed out and hung up on the wall! 

We want no exclusivity to the files submitted, we love to see our customers succeeding online so please do use these videos for your own social presence too! You hold the copyright to the files, but by submitting the files to us you grant us license to use the files across our accounts and platforms.

We'll also always credit the creator and do our best to link back to your socials where the platform allows. 

What do I need?

A modern smart phone is really all you need. But, tools like photography lights, tripods and photo backdrops would be perfect - but definitely not required. 

You may need a file sharing service such as Dropbox, or Google Drive to send the files over to us. We can advise on this if selected but both services are free and just mean clicking upload of the images and files you create.

What do I get?

As mentioned above, we can either pay for the content as a direct payment of £15 per successful submission, or as store credit of £20 per successful submission. We may reach out to those who consistently submit high quality content with further commission based content work, or even freebies!

How do I apply?

Please drop an email to the address below with the subject as "Content Creator"


Please let us know which of our products you use, an approximation of how many clients you see in a week and also link us to your socials!

We can't choose everyone, so we do apologise if you are not selected. We may roll out more slots in future and will keep everyone who applies in mind if we do expand the scheme. At the moment there will be a limited number of submissions per month. We do reserve the right to refuse any submission. 

Terms and Conditions apply.