Saeyang SH300 Handpiece

By Saeyang

A robust, smooth and sleek handpiece for use in a large number of applications. Popular with nail technicians, foot-health practitioners and chiropodists - the SH300 offers great precision while not compromising on power.

The SH300 Handpiece is fitted with a DC barrel plug and compatible with:

  • Saeyang K38
  • Saeyang Mini Cro
  • Combi Portable

All our and pieces come with tools to open and clean the end nozzle as well as spare brushes and 'holding burs'. They come with a one-year warranty direct with us.

Please note the SH300 handpiece is not suitable for cleaning using water based cleaners or wipes, including brands such as Clinell. If regular cleaning is neccessary, we suggest choosing the Autoclavable handpiece. All handpieces can be disinfected using pure alcohol.

Made in Korea