We have shouted about this on socials and through email so you may have already seen the recent addition to our office but we wanted to pop it in the blog too for those not subscribed elsewhere! Let me introduce you to our very own in-office salon space! We're quite happy with it if you couldn't tell!


We recently built a small salon within our actual office so that we can offer a usable space for talented local nail techs in need of a desk or equipment and it also doubles up as a spot where we can create our own training/educational content. We've always wanted to use our position in the industry to offer resources allowing nail techs to be experts of their own equipment and products and we're really happy with this solution we've built that allows us to start creating useful content.

We've only just finished this little project, still plenty of improvements we want to make but we've had a couple of clients in and although it is a little strange at first it seems to be working well and there is some real novelty in getting your nails done in the middle of a working office!

We're very much looking forward to showing off some amazing Kokoist designs, finally being able to show some of the beautiful colours in action and also working on all the resources to make sure you know everything there is to know about Saeyang, Zephyros and all of our brands!

We've got a couple of snaps from the first few nails to be done in the building and we can't wait for many more!



We've also very recently started filming some guides which was a whole lot of fun and hopefully will be useful to some of you. There's lots of work still to do in regards to perfected the space, editing content and scheduling nail techs in but watch this space for plenty more from us!