We've been supplying Kokoist for almost 2 years now and the collaboration with Katie Masters to create Nail Thoughts quickly became one of our favourite product lines! The idea of a specific gel colour line and nail art brush kit designed to make a nail artist’s life a little easier is certainly something we can get behind!

It’s fair to say it can be hard to build your gel collection as there are literally thousands of colour choices to pick from and it gets so overwhelming so quickly. The Nail Thoughts range has some of the most popular client colours that have been handpicked and customized based off of many nail artist’s salon experiences to help create an easier and more accessible approach for nail techs. The Nail Thoughts colours are made to be beautiful on their own, but also made to be layered with one another to create double the amount of colours from just one small collection of colours. There are no rules here, starting and adding to your gel collection should be easy and exciting. As the Nail Thoughts collection grows so do the possibilities!



Katie is a nail artist based in Santa Monica, California. She opened her own private nail studio 5 years ago and ever since then has become known for her whimsical and abstract nail art style. Her socials are filled with not just nail inspiration, but also business ownership tips, mindset and social media guidance.

Kokoist and Katie Masters came together to create the Nail Thoughts line but this is just part of the Katie Masters package, she loves sharing as much guidance as possible to fellow nail artists out there struggling with the same things. Her blog on her website is a treasure trove of information, it's well worth checking out HERE!

Her end goal is to help inspire you to create your own path and to always stay inspired and connected with what YOU love.



We know that trying new brands can be scary and nobody wants a big commitment without at least trying it first so we are very happy to have the opportunity to bring Nail Thoughts directly into the UK! We're making it super easy for people to try it without having to place big orders or worry about customs fees.

As of writing this blog post there are 54 colours, 18 bases, a top coat and 3 brushes all of which we are just in love with. The brushes are especially a highlight and we would very much recommend them if you are in the market for some new brushes! As Nail Thoughts is all about ease of access and creativity with your colours the range isn't anywhere near as big as some competitors but the colours available are perfectly curated for nail techs and once you start mixing you unleash a world of opportunity to create your own perfect palettes!


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