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The Best Nail Drills in the UK - TOP 3

Posted by Tom Fletcher on

We take a look at Saeyang's micro motor drills and rank them in what we think are their top 3 units. We've been selling their full range of drill models for nearly 5 years now so have built up a good understanding of how their machines operate and converse with different markets. 

First up and top of the bill:

The K38

The K38 is Marathon's (Saeyang's) bench mark portable drill; meaning exactly that, it sets the world wide standard for battery operated micro motor drills. Not only does it look amazing with its modern bevelled edges and distinctive digital display but it also performs just as well. From a 2 hour charge expect to get a days work out of this little beauty and with enough torque (2.3Ncm) to power through jobs you won't be let down. The hand piece tells its own story, made from brushed stainless steel it has been designed to suck and blow air over the small motor in the end to help keep it cool for longer. It's a very quiet hand piece and has virtually zero vibration. The easy twist/click to release and secure the bur operation makes changing burs effortless.

The K35

The K35 is older brother to the K38. It has a similar style and operation and even takes a lot of the features (digital display) from its younger sibling. But this model has one major difference; mains powered! This means one thing, more constant and power. The torque is slightly higher because of this and the wattage is obviously more. It has the standard forward/reverse and foot pedal options included and this unit also comes with holes in the top for useful storage of burs. The hand piece is as above really (SH300), except it has a 3 pin connection into the control unit - which tends to mean a stronger fixing to the box.

The N7

If the K35 is the K38's older brother, the N8 is it's body builder Uncle! A beast of a machine capable of high power and high speed drilling constantly over long periods. The Volvo of nail drills as we like to call it. But why is this then needed for foot care? We usually sell these drill to dental labs or jewellers (diamond setters) but over time have come to realise that the power and torque this drill offers actually comes in very handy in a clinic environment when a strong reliable drill is needed for difficult foot ailments (very thick nails, abhorrent skin and impossible to fix calluses). The speed is 45,000 rpm and the torque nearer 5Ncm with the wattage being more than enough for foot care needs. What is also great about this unit is it comes complete with a variable speed foot pedal; meaning that in a clinic environment when changing speeds quickly whilst working on the foot is important, this is your ace up the sleeve. The hand piece is different from the K38 and K35 as it has to be able to take the heavy duty use and speed of the control unit. It is a rubberised plastic and feels incredibly solid in the hand. Has the same click/twist bur removal operation and also has a large diameter so you can really control it when in operation. 


So that's it. Feel free to comment below and ask any questions you may have. Yes other manufacturers exist and we also supply from other manufacturers across Europe and Japan BUT South Korean (Saeyang in particular) electronics are the future with Marathon trial blazing the way for foot care nail drills. 

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